double glazed PVC windows
designed and made in australia for australia



Inframe® was set up with the aim to provide architects, developers, builders and home owners with an option to specify and select energy efficient, affordable, Australian designed and made PVC Windows and Doors. Most of our products are designed “in-house” combining local experience and the worldwide resources and experience of our partner Veka AG®. With their 12 subsidiaries spread over three continents, VEKA AG® is a global leader in the supply of synthetic profiles for windows and doors since the early 1950’s.

The Inframe–Veka products are designed especially for the harsh Australian climate and suit the Australian construction methods. Wind mould, reveal lining, flashing and internal fly screen rebates are testament to the commitment from both Inframe® and Veka AG® to the Australian Market.

Our broad range of typical “Australian style” Windows and Doors are manufactured in Melbourne using high tech machinery so quality can be assured. Intelligent software solutions combined with efficient production processes means we are able to manufacture quickly to your sizes and specifications. Quotations are usually done within 24 Hours so do not hesitate to check us out! Windows and Doors arrive on site as finished products.

High quality hardware has been factory fitted and our design allows easy installation by trades people on site.
We aim to factory glaze our products but if site glazing is required, glazing is done from the inside therefore reducing the need for expensive scaffolding outside.

Another feature is our colour range. We provide a range of colours which are applied, tested and warranted under the “procote”® system. High gloss paint finish is available in metallic or plain on just the outside with white to the inside or fully sprayed both inside and outside.

PVC is almost a maintenance free product designed with a life span larger than forty years. Then if needed it can be fully recycled. No wonder PVC Windows and Doors are listed as preferred building products by “Sustainability Victoria”®.

Inframe® is a member of the AWA (Australian Window Association) and HIA (Housing Industry Association).
NATA approved laboratory tested our range and very high performance levels were achieved. (N5 standard, N6 if required for awning and casement)

Currently energy ratings are being undertaken using a variety of different glazing options to ensure best possible ratings for both cooling and heating. Our range complies with the Australian Standard and/or European Standard and/or American Standard..