double glazed PVC windows
designed and made in australia for australia

Inframe PVC windows & doors

Are the only Australian designed PVC-U windows and doors on the market and are aesthetically very pleasing

They provide all the benefits such as
high energy efficiency for cooling or
heating, low noise transmission,
maintenance free and easy to install.

We manufacture a large range of
Window & Door types from European Quality Extrusions to suit your requirements.

Inframe® PVC-U Windows are made to order and can be single or double glazed and are very easy to install.
Our “Inline Reveal” makes it ideal for window replacement.

Inframe products are tested to Australian Standards and we are members of the Australian Window Association(AWA) and Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)
The Inframe® Awning / Casement
Window range is one of the highest Star efficiency rated products available in Australia today!